Word of mouth passes where TV and radio don’t reach~

Gonda Koy have been called to join the ranks of the Malian army in Sevare.  Two days ago the word started to spread through phone messages, and Northern able-bodied youth are heading towards Sevare.  Word is that a selection process will take place, and Gonda Koy and Malian military will be integrated for trainings, to get them prepared to take back the North.

Also, MNLA have been actively seeking support in France, but Northerners dont want them to be given any sway in negotiations.  MNLA have no ground-power in the North anymore, so any power they would be given at the negotiations table would ill-represent their actual influence on the ground.  Negotiations should be actively pursued, but this needs to go on between the Malian government and the non-Malian MUJAO commanders.

And what about addressing the rebel’s funding from Qatar? Maybe Qatar’s Allie France could work on cutting off  the rebel funding at the source?


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