after last weeks skirmishes –

Fighting from last week in Meneka between MNLA and MUJAO resulted in many casualties on both sides. The first round was felt more by MUJAO. Then reinforcements came from Timbuctou and other areas, and MNLA suffered many casualties and was forced out of Meneka and Anderamboukane and are now ‘en brousse.’  The Gao hospital is full of wounded.

A positive result of the border tightening, is that it is thought to be limiting the amount of foreign fighters that had been arriving in Mali to fight alongside the Islamists.  However, it is still putting greater pressure on the food scarcity for northern civilians.  The Malian government is still not acknowledging that the longer they allow the northerners to suffer, the more grievances will accrue. The rebels gain more to their cause the longer the people go hungry.


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