Dangers of media missing the story

I am a big fan and reader of the Economist, and almost always find the writing very informative, trustworthy and insightful. However, I was disturbed to read the misinformed post from Nov. 10th, “Terror in the Sahara.”  (see link to article below)
The analysis clearly lacked on-the-ground, up-to-date information, which was substituted for speculation.  This article clearly beats the drums of war, when there are steps being made on the ground in Mali for dialogue and negotiations for a peaceful solution, which are not even touched upon in the sensationally titled,  ‘Terror in the Sahara.’  Misrepresenting the Malian situation on an international level, through the Economist, could hinder the current initiative for a homegrown, non-intervention, conflict de-escalation solution.

To ellaborate, Ansar Dine has already retreated all troops out of Timbuctou and Gao, and has re-established their home in Kidal. Furthermore, Ansar Dine has made statements renouncing the Islamists and are working with the Malian government through Burkina and Algeria to find a peaceful solution and negotiate terms to help get Mali back on track.  To the contrary, ‘Terror in the Sahara’ writes as though the situation is a stalemate, and the only solution is intervention.  It is good for media to be concerned about Malian affairs, however, realize that misinterpreting the situation can cause more harm than good, and possibly even incite or prolong conflict where peace is on the table.

Please pass the message on so the dialogue for peace is not undermined by false information.  Thanks!




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