Latest movements of Ansar Dine, looking to find peace

Ansar Dine seems to have decided to go for peace.  All members of Ansar Dine are abandoning claims in Timbuctou and Gao and are regrouping in Kidal.  In their base of Kidal, they are waiting for orders from their heads, who have been working with Algeria, Burkina and the Malian government to come to workable terms of peace.  Ansar Dine declared that they have broken ties with MUJAO and AQIM and are working to strike a peace deal with the Malian government.  Although ideally they would disarm, they are holding onto their arms for fear of retaliation from MUJAO and AQIM who are still firmly holding onto Sharia enforcement for the north.  Malian government is also urging Malians who have joined arms with MUJAO and AQIM, to break with the extremist groups, and join the peace process.  It is suspected that if Ansar Dine and the Malian government can reach agreement, they will work together in an intervention to push out MUJAO and AQIM.


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  1. Matt

    This is an interesting development to see Ansar Dine breaking ties with the djihadist movements, i.e MUJAO and AQIM. ECOWAS with the support of the AU and the international community should continue and try to get the MNLA and Ansar Dine along with the Malian government on its side. Then, negotiate with MUJAO and AQIM to convince them that their plan to impose Sharia in the north is doomed to failure. If this does not work, well, military action will be the last resort. But military action alone will not settle the basic problem, which is the claims of Tuaregs that they are marginalized and their repeated attempt to break away from Mali and become an independent state. Many in the south think that the claim of Tuareg marginalization is just a pretext for Tuareg leaders to wage rebellion wars against the government of Bamako and cover illicit activities in the Sahel region. Whether this is true or not, many things need to be rethought and reformed in the government of a huge and diverse country like Mali.

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