What will Malian security look like when this is all resolved?

A very astute observation:  “If people want to liberate the north they should integrate into the national forces, otherwise it risks creating a whole new problem when this war is over.”


Or, in other words, Malian government should start preparing now to answer the question: What will we do to secure the North when this situation is resolved?

The government does not have the option to resort to its old laissez-faire policy of ignoring the northern security insufficiency.  With so many northerners concerned about their security, and so many young people in need of a decent job/living, why not find a way to integrate Gonda Koy sentiments into the post rebel-occupation security force?  The Malian army, which is overwhelmingly Bambara, has not been concerned enough about the problems of zones comprised of other ethnic groups.  Why not put measures in place that enable locals who know and are familiar with the terrain to protect and defend it?



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